Freitag, 16. Februar 2018

Woody Guthrie - Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child (1956)

Some of the last songs written and recorded by Woody Guthrie were his children's songs.
Their strength, shown in "Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child", is an unusually strong identification with actually being a child, in all its simplicity and charm, along with the ability to win over listeners. Good examples here are "Rattle My Rattle" and "I Want My Milk." Guthrie is an acquired sonic taste worth acquiring. Ages 3-5.

1Grassy Grass Grass (Grow, Grow, Grow)1:35
2Swimmy Swim1:53
3Little Sugar (Little Saka Sugar)1:22
4Rattle My Rattle1:11
5I Want My Milk (I Want It Now)2:17
7One Day Old1:33
8Wash-y Wash Wash (Warshy Little Tootsy)1:34
9I'll Eat You, I'll Drink You1:40
10Make A Blobble2:05
11Who's My Pretty Baby (Hey Pretty Baby)1:43
12I'll Write And I'll Draw2:27
13Why, Oh Why3:27
14Pick It Up1:51
15Pretty And Shiny-O1:28
16Needle Sing2:15
18Goodnight Little Arlo (Goodnight Little Darlin')3:16

Woody Guthrie - Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child (1956)
(Ca. 145 kbps, cover art included)

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Thank you. Great performer.

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You are welcome!

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Thanks, haven't seen this before.

zero hat gesagt…

Hope you enjoy it. Best wishes!

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