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Witthüser & Westrupp - Der Jesuspilz (1972 German Prog Acid Folk)

After their ultimate acid folk classic "Trips & Träume", the duo is back with an other surprising effort whose concept is to convince (within a satirical dimension) that the bible is all about drugs. However it doesn't matter for those who don't speak German, let's be focused on the music which is one more time brilliant and gorgeously pastoral, delicate and trippy. The introduction part (Liturgie) is a humorous little composition written in a very folkish vibe. "Schöpfung" is among my favourite Witthuser & Westrupp pieces: it starts with acoustic, dreamy like, quasi magical guitar parts. It also features narratives in German and a very poetical, mystical sense of harmony. "Erleuchtung" is a luminous, druggy psych folk tune wich includes a variety of acoustic instruments (voluptuous flute lines, folk guitars, percussions), an effective, dancing chant in German and children choirs...a really intimate, beautiful song. "Besuch aus dem Kosmos" is a ravishing spaced out folkish excursion for deep organic chords and acoustic also include vocals in German. A lovely, living, dying soundscape with a magnificant classical (almost flamenco) introspective guitar melody. Among my favourite kraut-folk compositions. The instrumental sections are more achieved than on the previous recordings (notably the guitars). Really german folk music with an evident taste for old, odd music, popular counts, mysteries and dark medieval the top of 70's psychedelic folk music.

Line-up / Musicians
- Bernd Witthuser / vocals, guitar, banjo, kazoo, triangle, tambourine
- Walter Westrupp / vocals, organ, harmonica, flute, ukelele, congas, tambourine, triangle
- Dieter Dierks / Mellotron, bass, vocals
- Gille Lettman / vocals, Mexican & Indian recorder

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Liturgie (2:00)
2. Schöpfung (8:25)
3. Erleuchtung und Berufung (4:50)
4. Versammlung / Bekenntnis / Die Aussendung (10:21)
5. Nehmet hin und esset (3:33)
6. Besuch aus dem Kosmos (9:45)

Total Time: 38:54

Witthüser & Westrupp - Der Jesuspilz
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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