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The Ex - Blueprints For A Blackout

"Blueprints For A Blackout" was a double-album by The Ex, released in 1984, and out of print.


"It's caustic. A real burner. (...) While still retaining an all important relevant edge to their musical comment , they've introduced elements of tunesmithing, attack, decay and composition that places them head and shoulders above their contemporaries."

"Well-known venom, but the music becomes more experimental (i.e. slower, richer, more stirring, fed by yet rather remarkable set of instruments) with every new release."


1Streetcars Named Desire / Animal Harm (Medley)2:39
2Blueprints For A Blackout3:54
3Rabble With A Cause2:19
4Requiem For A Rip-Off2:52
5Pleased To Meat You4:17

6A Goodbuy To You3:39
7The Swim1:48
9U.S. Hole2:41
10(Not) 2B Continued1:10
11Grimm Stories4:52

12A Plague To Survive5:22
13The Rise Of The Dutch Republic3:53
14Kidnap Connection2:17
15Fire And Ice4:41

16Jack Frost Is Innocent2:53
17Love You Till Eh2:48
18Food On 453:17
19Scrub That Scum8:18

The Ex - Blueprints For A Blackout (1984)
(192 kbps, cover art inlcuded)

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