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Milva - Auf den Flügeln bunter Träume (1977)

Maria Ilva Biolcati (born 17 July 1939), known as Milva, is an Italian singer, stage and film actress, and television personality. She is also known as La Rossa (Italian for "The Redhead"), due to the characteristic colour of her hair, and additionally as La Pantera di Goro ("The Panther of Goro"), which stems from the Italian press having nicknamed the three most popular Italian female singers of the 1960s, combining the names of animals and the singers' birth places. Popular in Italy and abroad, she has performed on musical and theatrical stages the world over, and has received popular acclaim in her native Italy, and particularly in Germany where she has often participated in musical events and televised musical programmes. She has also released numerous albums in France, Japan, Korea, Greece, Spain and South America.

In 1977, Milva released the studio album "Auf den Flügeln bunter Träume", an album composed of popular German film and cabaret standards, including a version of Lili Marleen and Tango notturno. The album was released in America, Canada and Germany and in 1998 was reissued in Japan.


Auf den Flügeln bunter Träume2:42
Johnny, wenn du Geburtstag hast2:59
Ich steh' im Regen4:16
Tango Notturno3:46
Zwischen heute und morgen2:59
Liebe ist ein Geheimnis3:07
Sing, Nachtigall, sing2:26
Auch du wirst mich einmal betrügen3:48
Tiefe Sehnsucht3:40
Die Worte, die aus Liebe man spricht3:44
Good Night (Reich mir zum Abschied noch einmal die Hände)3:22
Lili Marleen2:56

Milva - Auf den Flügeln bunter Träume (1977)
(ca. 256 kbsp, cover art included)

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