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Keith Hudson - Torch Of Freedom (1975)

Whether you know him as The Dark Prince Of Reggae, the Ghetto Dentist or
just plain Keith, the legendary artist and producer Keith Hudson created
some of the most idiosyncratic, innovative and atmospheric reggae that ever came out of Jamaica.

Intensely militant, "Torch of Freedom" was the record that got Hudson signed to a worldwide deal to Virgin.

Odd because "Torch" is so accusatory and nakedly polemical you would think that it would frighten major labels away from this fire-breathing reggae singer known as the Dark Prince. This was the start of a heightened international profile for Hudson, who at this point had left Jamaica for New York ready to make it big in the Big Apple.


1 Lost All Sense Of Direction
2 Jah Jah
3 Don't Look At Me So
4 Look At Me
5 Don't Let The Teardrops Fool You
6 Teardrops
7 Like I'm Dying
8 Turn The Heater On
9 So Cold Without You
10 Five More Mins Of Your Time
11 My Time
12 Torch Of Freedom
13 Freedom Movements

Keith Hudson.- Torch Of Freedom (1975)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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