Dienstag, 13. August 2019

WordSound - The Red Shift (1994)

Remember the early nineties, when the dark and powerful force of WordSound-I-Power raised from the dungeons of Crooklyn! The unique blend of arabian sounds, dark electronics, Dub, Funk and HipHop. Bass-loaden, majestic and suprising.

"The Red Shift", a compilation of label talent, charts a course through urban back streets, up mystical peaks, down the Nile, and into outer space. Freely mixing hip-hop, dub, funk, jazz, rock, Middle Eastern and African music, this album showcases sonic sculptures fashioned from the infinite world of sound. Featured artists run the gamut from cutting-edge hip-hop producer Prince Paul, who creates an aural collage from the turntables on Pablo\\\'s Theme , to the mighty voice of Jamaican dub poet Oku Onuora, spouting fiery wisdom on Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Rising from the post-industrial ruins of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, new outfits Roots Control and Scarab also participate in the festivities as they stake their claim as the future stars the WordSound label.


1 Chicken Walk 5:46
2 Esse 3:53
3 Pablo's Theme 3:43
4 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (feat. Oku Onuora) 4:55
5 Elephant, Mosquito 2:31
6 Condition Critical (feat. The Rockstone Coalition) 6:00
7 Dub-Hop Anthem 4:49
8 The Ill Jazz 3:08
9 Youthman 5:01
10 All Rise 4:42
11 World Cup (feat. Scarab) 5:15
12 Track 14 2:27

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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