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Gojim - Es firt kejn weg zurik (1992)

Gojim's album "Es firt kejn weg zurik..." includes 15 Yiddish songs from the Vilnius Ghetto 1941 - 1943.

The Vilna Ghetto was a World War II Jewish ghetto established and operated by Nazi Germany in the city of Vilnius in the territory of Nazi-administered Reichskommissariat Ostland.

During the approximately two years of its existence starvation, disease, street executions, maltreatment, and deportations to concentration and extermination camps reduced the ghetto's population from an estimated 40,000 to zero.

Only several hundred people managed to survive, mostly by hiding in the forests surrounding the city, joining Soviet partisans, or sheltering with sympathetic locals.

"Much more intense and Brechtian, with stunning harmonies and virtuoso solos with a tender undercurrant, are Gojim, an ensemble of six Viennese conceived in 1987 by the Burgtheater actress Caroline Koczan.” - Int. Herald Tribune


1 Es is gewen a sumer-tog
2 Zi darf ess asoj sajn ?
3 Hot sich mir di schich zerissn
4 Doss transsport-jingl
5 Du geto majn
6 Pak sich ajn
7 Mir lebn ejbik
8 Friling
9 Arojss is in Wilne a najer bafel
10 Ponar-wiglid
11 Bombess
12 Izik Witnberg
13 Partisaner-marsch
14 Ess schlogt di scho

Gojim - Es firt kejn weg zurik (1992)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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