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Dog Faced Hermans - Mental Blocks For All Ages (1991)

There's something in the accessibly deconstructive sound of the Dog Faced Hermans that's both immediately likeable and long-term gratifying -- their combinations of scratchy guitar work, liberal use of horns and other instruments uncommon in rock, and ultra-political vocal rants fall somewhere between very angular neo-punk and the most experimental sides of new wave, but in a fashion that's more likely to engage than distance the listener. 

"Mental Blocks for All Ages"' tight performance and groovy, rhythmic construction fit perfectly with the sharpness of their free-form guitar attack and political commentary, recalling everything from the Scissor Girls to the Family Fodder's more aggressive side. The band rampages through compositions so fiercely and effectively that the record lives up to its fractured, deconstructive ambitions. An excellent release.


A1 Punjabi Monster Beat
A2 Fortune
A3 Suppressa
A4 Astronaut
A5 Ballad About Bhopal
B1 The Running Man
B2 Body Strategic
B3 In A Row
B4 From The Top Of The Mountain
B5 It's Time

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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aboynamedstew hat gesagt…

Hey, I just want to say thanks for all the music you post! I've been following the blog for years, downloading and discovering many new sounds. I think I first stumbled across the blog while searching for Carte de Sejour. I've left thankful comments before, but nothing that truly expresses my appreciation. This blog is a treasure and a wonder!

I chose to comment on this post because I wanted to make a humble recommendation. There was a band from Vancouver, BC Canada called Submission Hold from 1993-2005, and they are one of the very few (more) modern "punk" bands to truly match the fearlessness and fierceness of bands like Dog Faced Hermans and The Ex. They are clearly grounded in political punk music, but also explore and integrate free jazz, eastern european and klezmer sounds, and general experimentalism. I saw them open for The Ex in Philadelphia about 15 years ago, and it was incredible. They are also political in a poetic way, and in a practical way in the way that their band operates in the scene and the world. They also have a dramatic aspect, which I think would appeal to your tastes.
AND to top it all off, the visual aspect of their releases is second only to Crass. Everything has a consistent and unique and distinct style, there are clear and multi-layered themes, and they often included stickers, posters, and other goodies in their records (one seven inch record included a book of matches with their logo...for burning flags).

If any of this catches your curiosity, I'll direct you to these two youtube videos that are a good representation of their sound and style:

Last Surviving Crocodile and Deadpan (two songs from Waiting For Another Monkey To Throw The First Brick LP)

their final album, What Holds Back The Elephant

If you are interested in hearing more, I'd be happy to share the 3 records, 2 compilations, and 1 uncompiled track of the band (everything officially released that I know of). And if not, please accept the recommendation as a symbol of my appreciation for all the work and music that is shared through this blog!

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for your very uplifting feedback. It is good to know that there are blog-readers really interested in that kind of music.

I checked the youtube links - the band and the music deeply impressed me! It would be wonderful if you could share their music with us.

If you want to, you can post the links here in the comment section. If you prefer another way, that will be fine for me. Thanks a lot again for your feedback and for your support!

aboynamedstew hat gesagt…

Submission Hold discography

Eat More Garlic CD – compiles two early demo tapes

Progress (as if survival mattered) CD – compiles several 7inch and split 12 inch releases, all pre-Waiting…

Waiting For Another Monkey To Throw The First Brick (1998)

Sackcloth And Ashes (The ostrich dies on Monday) (2001) - this folder also includes the only non-LP compilation track that I’m aware of: “Purchasing Power of the Paranoid and Hopeless” from AK Press’s benefit CD Return of the Read Menace

What Holds Back The Elephant (2005)

There were also a live version of a Waiting… track released on a benefit comp, and a demo version of a Sackcloth… tune released on a split 7 inch with another great band, Red Monkey. I have both (somewhere), but didn’t include them because they are inferior to the LP versions. As far as I know, and I’ve been looking, obsessively, this is everything. I hope you don’t mind the delay, I decided that if I were going to release copies into the internet, I should scan the inserts/booklets because they are part of what make the band incredible. The lyrics and song descriptions are important, and almost uniquely among North American bands, they translated their lyrics into variously Spanish, French, and German in their releases. I couldn’t scan the booklet for What Holds Back The Elephant, my scanner quit on me, but I found some good photos on this blog -
I ripped all this from the CD versions, but the three albums were also released on vinyl, and you can get an idea of how good they look at this blog -

There have finally been at least a few Dog Faced Hermans live performances showing up on YouTube, but I’ve never seen live footage of Submission Hold on YouTube. Hopefully someday. I saw them live three times, including once opening up for The Ex and La Fraction in Philadelphia, and they were intense and impressive on stage, and very down-to-earth before and afterwards. I count it among my very favorite shows of my life. Also somewhat fearless for touring the US DIY punk circuit with a young toddler (the singer's & guitarist's child).

Anyway, I hope you (and anyone else who grabs them) enjoy this near-forgotten band from Canada. Cheers, and thanks again for all the incredible music!

(I hope you don’t mind if I also include a link to the radical street band I play in currently, you might enjoy it too)

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