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Dakar Sound Vol. 1 - Etoile 2000

.It was in the 70s that Dakar-businessman Mass Diokhane, dealer in cars and radio-cassete players, got the idea to produce young talents of his nieghbourhood on a label called "Touba Auto K7". So he hired a technician and they started to record the new sound of booming Dakar.

With these recordings and performances in the Jandeer night-club, Etoile de Dakar (with singer Youssou N´Dour) emerged as teh most popular group of Senegal. In the weekends they played all over the country. Diokhane as manager of the club asked singer Eric M´Backe N´Doye, guitarist Badou N´Daye and Etoile de Dakar´s star -singer El Hadji Faye to come up with a new band that could make the trees of Dakar swing. Diiokhane would supply all the neccesary equipment.

One night, during rehearsals in his garage, Diokhane came in with a tapedeck, plugged it into the mixing table, and the song "Boubou N´Gary" was taped. At 6 o´clock the musicians were send off to have breakfast and an apprenti took the tape to Golo Gaye, the most popular DJ of ORTS (national radio of Senegal). He baptised the new group the Etoile for the year 2000. Once played "Boubou N´Gary", he played it again, by public demand. And then again, all day long. At night Etoile 2000 played for a packed Yandeer. Diokhane wanted to record more, but due to some technical problems the only song recorded was "Niety Noon".
Next day Sama Xarit and Yaye Time were added to the master-tape which was flown to Paris right away. The following day 5000 copies of volume 1 of the Etoile 2000 were sold in Dakar. A major event in Senegal´s music industry.

Here you have a digitized "best of" selection from Etoile 2000´s first three cassettes. Listen to the psychedelic "guitare fuzz" of Badou N´Daye, the heavy tama of Yamar Thiam and above all the irresistable high voice of El Hadji Faye.

Dakar Sound Vol. 1 - Etoile 2000
(192 kbps, ca. 63 MB)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

looks like a commercial sampler:
a mix of Qussoulou from Mali, some Guinée-stuff…… and Senegal Mbalax, or Latin, but rarely something like "Senegal´s most talented traditional singers."

zero hat gesagt…

So what?

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