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Quilapayun - 20 Grandes Exitos

Born in Chile in 1965, QUILAPAYUN is today one of the best known latin-american music groups in the world. On an artistic level, the group´s fundamental value is based on its decisive contribution to the modernization of the popular music of the continent.

Initially identified with the popular government of Salvador Allende (who would later name them cultural ambassadors of the government of Chile) and later with the democratic fight against the dictatorship, QUILAPAYUN have managed to preserve the tone and meaning that this name has meant to each one of them, in spite of their age and experiences.

Based in France since 1973, the group has continued its renovation of traditional latin-american music, expressing the creative tensions between nation and universe, identity and diversity, tradition and innovation.

Their compositions mix folk music with popular music, the academic and the experimental, invoking an original reaction to the rich cultural diversity which is latin-america today. To demonstrate this we have their recreation of indigenous music (¨Yaravi and huayno¨), their vast production of up to date popular music (´La muralla¨, ¨Plegaria a un labrador¨, “Allende”, “La batea”), their work with academic musicians which resulted in a series of “cantatas populares” (popular songs), the best known of which would be “La cantata Santa Maria de Iquique”, and last but not least their embracing of contemporary music evident in their latest compositions “Fuerzas naturals”, “El hombre de hoy”, “Temporia”.

It is not then surprising that during a QUILAPAYUN concert we find the charango, the quena (indigenous flute) the zampoñas (pan flutes) and the different latin-american guitars, including the Spanish guitar. The piano is present as are synthesizers, semi-acoustic guitars, electric bass and carribean percussion pieces among many other instruments. All of the above are accompanied by the powerful, intensely harmonized voices which are and have always been the principal characteristic of the group. The lyrics continue to narrate the fundamental aspects of life and to express sensibility to the injustices faced by Man in today´s world.

QUILAPAYUN´s music has crossed the five continents of the world and received the same warm welcome in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia etc….. and of course in its native Latin-America. So far QUILAPAYUN have recorded 29 albums which have been reproduced throughout many European and American countries. In each album the great musical versatility and creative capacity of the group is demonstrated.

Nowadays, the shows put on by this now legendary Chilean group are a concentration of passion and vocal emotion, colours and rhythms. The spectator is not only permitted to enjoy the pleasure of listening to these professional at work but to also participate in the revival of the popular Latin-American music.

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01. El canto del Cuculí
02. Yaraví y Huayno de la Quebrada de Humahuaca
03. Guaren
04. Huayno 1,2,3,4
05. Las Obreras
06. En que nos parecemos
07. El borrachito
08. Gringa
09. Duerme Negrito
10. A mi palomita
11. Plegaria a un labrador
12. El Carrero
13. Dos palomitas
14. Tres bailecitos
15. El buen Borincano
16. Bailecito
17. Gira, gira, girasol
18. Tan alta que está la luna
19. Tú
20. La paloma

Quilapayun- 20 Grandes Exitos
(256 kbps, front & back cover included)

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