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The Fugs - Virgin Fugs

"Virgin Fugs" collects outtakes from the April 1965 and July 1965 sessions that yielded the Fugs' first album.

It does, however, contain some barrier-breaking (in terms of subject matter) compositions of note, such as "Coca Cola Douche," "CIA Man," "The Ten Commandments" (credited to GOD and Tuli Kupferberg), and "I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation Rot," which is Allen Ginsberg prose set to music by Ed Sanders.

Several of the songs were given far more professional, full rock arrangements on the live album "Golden Filth" (recorded in 1968), if you want to hear them in less grating contexts. View this album as comedy, or as a political message, and not as outstanding music. Of course, this album is brilliant, enjoyable, and listenable again and again. Simply don't expect Hendrix - these guys aim to offend. And listen with a smile...

The Fugs - Virgin Fugs (2005 Reissue)
(192 kbps, ca. 47 MB)

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