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The Poppy Family - A Good Thing Lost 1968 - 1973

Susan Pesklevits and Terry Jacks met in the band Powerline.

They later married and formed the Poppy Family in 1968. With guitarist Craig McCaw and percussionist Satwan Singh, the duo's third single, "Which Way You Goin' Billy," became a hit in the U.S. and their native Canada, selling over two million copies.

The group recorded three albums in the early '70s: "That's Where I Went Wrong" and "Which Way You Goin' Billy" in 1970 and "Poppy Seeds" in 1971.

Terry and Susan were divorced by 1973, however, and both began solo careers. Susan released "Dream" (1976), "Ghosts" (1980) and "Forever" (1982), but Terry became more successful when his "Seasons in the Sun" single went platinum in Canada (more than 150,000 units). His albums include "Seasons in the Sun" (1974), "Y'Don't Fight the Sea" (1976), "Pulse" (1983) and "Into the Past" (1989).

Beyond The Clouds
Free From The City
What Can The Matter Be?
Which Way You Goin', Billy?
Happy Island
There's No Blood In Bone
A Good Thing Lost
You Took My Moonlight Away
Shadows On My Wall
That's Where I Went Wrong
Where Evil Grows
I Was Wondering
Winter Milk
Good Friends?
I'll See You There
You Don't Know What Love Is
I Thought Of You Again
Another Year, Another Day
Evil Overshadows Joe
Endless Sleep

The Poppy Family - A Good Thing Lost (1968 - 1973)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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