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VA - The Revolutionary Hymns (1991)

"Jazz was created in America. Not through any great educational force, but from the Souls of People who were brought here under protest" (Dizzy Gillespie)

Black musicians in the `60s more than in anay previous, and even recent, period, were sharing a sense of community with their fellow blacks and were attempting to unite the black community in its pursuit of self-determination. Because they realized that the cuts alone could´nt replace politics and economics, they demonstrated their political commitment by activities in the community as well as in their music.

In his article in Downbeat, "Racism in Jazz", Brooks Johnson commented on this: "(...) jazz always has been a mirroc of mainstream Americna. Many jazz musicians would like to think that they are above and beyond the current trends, but the truth is that most of the products of their times, and teir works are the essence of the period. But jazz, as a form of expression, must have a background from which to draw substance. Because the principle thrust of jazz is succesfully concernded with capturing the contemporary and the current it manifests and crystallizes the prevailing `isms´ and thei major concers of the day. Thus jazz mirrors much of what is today."

"The Revolutionary Hymns" is a great compilation featuring Albert Ayler, Archie Shepp, Charles Mingus, Charlie Haden, John Coltrane, Max Roach, Ornette Coleman, The Black Voices, The Last Poets and others.


1. Listen - The Black Voices 0:13
2. Black is Chant - The Last Poets 0:56
3. Introduction - Charlie Haden Liberation Orchestra 3:08
4. Pretty Nigger - The Last Poets 2:22
5. Man From South Africa - Max Roach 5:08
6. Hands Off - The Last Poets 4:01
7. Pickaninny - Archie Sheep 7:18
8. I´ll Stop Calling You Niggers - The Black Voices 1:19
9. Clowns All Around - The Black Voices 1:33
10. Change Has Come - Albert Ayler 6:11
11. Black Wish - The Last Poets 1:42
12. Freedom - Charles Mingues 3:38
13. It´s A Trip - The Last Poets 4:45
14. I Got It Bad And That Ain´t Good - Archie Sheep 5:11
15. When The Revolution Comes - The Last Poets 2:28
16. Lonesome Lover - Max Roach 7:00
17. On The Subway - The Last Poets 1:31
18. Sadness - Ornette Coleman 4:05

1. Listen - The Black Voices 0:13
2. Run Nigger - The Last Poets 1:09
3. We Shall Overcome - Charlie Haden Liberation Orchestra 1:17
4. Wake Up Niggers - The Last Poets 2:44
5. It´s Time - Max Roach 6:41
6. Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution - The Last Poets 5:12
7. Attica Blues - Archie Shepp 4:47
8. Just Because - The Last Poetgs 1:30
9. Song For Che - Charlie Haden Liberation Orchestra 9:33
10. The Meek - The Black Voices 0:05
11. Holy Ghost - Albert Ayler 7:27
12. Birds Words - The Last Poets 6:12
13. Nearer My God To Thee - The Black Voices 2:34
14. A Love Supreme - John Coltrane 7:38
15. Jazz Is - The Last Poets 3:21

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Danke dafür. Ich bin ein weißer Musiker, der immer versucht, die Wurzel der schwarzen Seele zu berühren. Ich kann es fühlen, aber mein musikalisches Spiel kann es nicht immer erreichen.

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W, w, what, no Al Hirt?

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