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Familie Hesselbach - Süddeutschland (1984)

Familie Hesselbach was formed in Tübingen, West Germany in 1981.

The South German punk and new wave band caused a sensation between 1981 and 1985, first regionally and then nationwide. They indulged in a deliberate eclecticism from the musical preferences of the individual family members and formed these into their unmistakable sound. Disco, pop, punk, rap, the main thing is danceable. The lyrics in German and Italian, later also in English - and always with a wink. Their trademarks were the rousing live quality of the performances and the use of brass instruments, trumpet and clarinet from the beginning - the tenor saxophone was added later. 

 The 12´´ "Süddeutschland" was released on the Zickzack label in 1984.


A1 Süddeutschland 5:15
A2 Das Bild 4:48
B1 Rimini 3:35
B2 Zur Kur 4:11

Familie Hesselbach - Süddeutschland (1984)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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