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Super Eagles - Viva Super Eagles (Gambia, 1968)

The Gambian band Super Eagles were pioneers of popular music in the Senegambian region at the end of the 1960s/start of the 70s, delivering a progressive blend of afrocuban, pop, soul, bluebeat, Congolese rumba, highlife and ndagga music. Using Wolof lyrics & rhythms, ndagga is the basis of what was to become 'mbalax'. During their five year existence, the Super Eagles became one of the best travelled bands in West Africa.

Apart from the LP 'Viva Super Eagles' they released 4 singles, recorded in the Ghana Film Studios, which at the time was one of the few West African studios with sophisticated recording facilities.

      DOHI GUDI BAHUT (D.Ndiaye)
      GAMBIA SU NOUS RAEW (O.Ndiaye,Jobe)
      ADUNA POTI NDALA (Cham,Gassama)
      LOVE'S A REAL THING (Touray,Jobe)
      HEY JODE (Lennon,McCartney)
      DON'T DO THAT TO ME (Touray,Jobe)
      TAGU NEIN LEIN (Cham,O.Ndiaye,D.Ndiaye)
      ALIEU GORI-MAMI (O.Ndiaye)
      FALSE LOVE (Touray,Valentine)
      GAIL GAIN CHI RABI (Trad.)

Super Eagles - Viva Super Eagles (Gambia, 1968)
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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