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Pete, Peggy & Mike Seeger - Folk Songs With The Seegers (Prestige, 1965)

The double album "Folk Songs With The Seegers" with Pete, Peggy & Mike Seeger was originally released on Prestige in 1965.

  • Here's To Cheshire Here's To Cheese
  • Green Valley
  • I'm Troubled
  • It's A Lie
  • Fisherman's Luck
  • My Good Old Man
  • Billy Barlow
  • Newlyn Town
  • People Go Mind Your Business
  • My Dearest Dear
  • Medley Of Play Party Songs
  • I Don't Want Your Millions Mister
  • Rue And Thyme
  • Keokeokolo
  • Five Nights Drunk
  • The Dark-Eyed Sailor
  • John Hardy
  • Little Black Train
  • Little Henry Lee
  • The Old Woman And Her Little Pig
  • I Truly Understand
  • Sally Anne
  • Pretty Fair Maid
  • Rissolty Rossolty

    Pete Seeger - Guitar, Vocals
    Mike Seeger - Guitar, Vocals
    Peggy Seeger - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Autoharp
    Barbara Seeger - Vocals, Autoharp
    Penny Seeger - Vocals, Guitar
    Sonny Miller - Violin

    The recordings were compiled from The Three Sisters (Prestige International INT 13029), A Lover's Garland (Prestige International INT 13061) and V.A. - Philadelphia Folk Festival, Vol. I (Prestige International INT 13071)]

    Cover Design - Don Schilitten
    Cover Art - Irwin Rosenhouse

    This is essentially a compilation of everything the Seegers recorded for the subsidiary of Prestige International, repackaged very nicely in an impressive gatefold jacket in 1965. Less folk than American roots music, this music is timeless.
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Pete, Peggy & Mike Seeger - Folk Songs With The Seegers
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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