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Mercedes Sosa - La voz de la zafra (1959)

Mercedes Sosa was the most renowned Latin-American singer of her generation; she was known as "La Negra" for her long, jet-black hair, and as "the voice of the voiceless ones", for her performances of songs which championed the rights of the poor.

In early 1979, Sosa was performing in the Argentinian university city of La Plata when the military stopped the concert. Humiliating Sosa by searching her on stage, they then arrested her and 350 members of the audience. Sosa was detained for 18 hours until international pressure forced her release (she had to pay a large fine) but this event – alongside increasing numbers of death threats – forced her to flee to Europe, where she lived in Madrid and Paris.

If you hear this young Mercedes Sosa, you will notice that her voice is not as strong than later. But from the moment she began to recording, she was always true to herself. This is the very beginnig and a great collector's item.


1. Los Hombres Del Rio [Canción Litoraleña]
2. Recuerdos Del Paraguay [Guarania]
3. Jangadero [Galopa]
4. La Zafrera [Zamba]
5. El Rio Y Tu [Canción Guarania]
6. Tropero Padre [Zamba]
7. Nocturna [Guarania]
8. El Indio Muerto [Zamba Salteña]
9. La De Los Humildes [Zamba]
10. Zamba De La Distancia
11. Selva Sola [Galopa]
12. Sin Saber Por Que [Guarania]

Mercedes Sosa - La Voz De La Zafra (1959)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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