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The Fugs - Golden Filth (1970)

By the time of this recording on June 1, 1968 at the Fillmore East, the Fugs had evolved from their primitive beginnings into a pretty full and tight rock band. They'd also grown into a pretty large group, in fact, with ten musicians, including two drummers.

However, most of the material was initially recorded between 1965 and 1966, ESP era. While some listeners might be disappointed by the absence of live versions of highlights from their Reprise records, this release actually has more value than the typical live album because it has notably different arrangements of well-known songs.

On the Fugs' first recordings in particular, the sound and execution was pretty primitive, and it's good to have full, together rock versions of notable songs like "Slum Goddess," "Supergirl," "Nothing," "I Couldn't Get High," "Coca-Cola Douche," and "How Sweet I Roamed." The spoken intros haven't dated as well, with Sanders' monologues about lesbian dwarfs and zebra puke, and Kupferberg moaning at one point, "I want a titty"; what was once a shocking and taboo-breaking is now superfluous to the music. 

A1Slum Goddess
A3How Sweet I Roamed
A4I Couldn't Get High
A5Saran Wrap
B1I Want To Know

The Fugs - Golden Filth (1970)  
(320 kbps, cover art included)       

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jose kortozirkuito hat gesagt…

Hi friend:
Sorry for my bad English (google translate)
I am Jose, the blog "Tommenton en la cuadra"

I am restoring an old collection tapes titled
"Psychedelic Archives".

I help my greek friend "Fuzzy Daddy" from "Boozetunes"

I am asking for help, friends blogs, to reconstruct the series
Seeking all info on these tapes: Author, track-numbered list, place of publication, original covers ...
I are missing these songs to complete the collection:

-Coal Porters - Horn Of Plenty
-Shirley Abicair - Happy Trails
-Doug Dillard - Sitting On Top Of The World
-Peter Anders - She's All Heart
-Jude - Beverly Market Meeting
-Lorie McCloud - Mad Song
-Lyn & Graham McCarthy - Once I Was
-Shirley Kent - Harlequin & Columbine
-Jude - We Shall Be Free
-Fabs - One After 909
-Viscounts - Kiss Me
-Fabs - I Saw Her Standing There
-Fabs - If You've Got Troubles

Other tracks you also looking:
-The Barons (Fort Worth) - Don't Look Back
-The Barons (Fort Worth) - You're Gonna Cry
-The Barons (Fort Worth) - You're Gonna Get Hurt
-Peter & The Wolves (UK) - Lady And Me (No John Pantry Demo)

If you have any track, send it to me in MP3.
If you help me, I will be very grateful.
Greetings from Spain

zero hat gesagt…

Sorry, but i can´t help... All the best!

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