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Oscar Chávez - Canciones de la Guerra Civil y Resistencia Española - España 1936-1939-1975 (1975)

It was 80 years ago  – July 18, 1936 – that Spanish Gen. Francisco Franco launched his military rebellion against the left-wing Popular Front government and resulted in a bloody civil conflict which tore Spain apart and left half-a-million people dead and caused nearly that many to flee their homeland altogether.
Óscar Chávez (born 20 March 1935 in Mexico City) is a Mexican singer, songwriter and actor. He was the main exponent of the Nueva Trova in Mexico in the sixties and seventies. He studied theatre at the UNAM and has produced and acted in several plays and movies and telenovelas in Mexico. He has achieved international fame performing his music, with such songs as Por Tí and Macondo achieving status of standards in most of Latin America, but also recording many Mexican folk songs. He is also noted for his strong social commitment as well as for the left wing ideas expressed in his lyrics. His impressive discography spans four decades.

This is a collection of songs referring to the Spanish Civil War and the resistance against the Franco regime.

01. La hierba de los caminos
02. Que será (son del fascismo)
03. Los dos gallos
04. El tren blindado (El 5º Regimiento)
05. Ya se fue el verano
06. Si me quieres escribir
07. Sin pan
08. El caballero cristiano
09. En el Pozo María Luisa
10. Los cuatro generales
11. Ay Carmela
12. Españoles
13. Canción de Grimau
14. Adiós con el corazón
15. Dende o tronco
16. Canción de soldados
17. Coplas del tiempo
18. Vuela, paloma
19. Pueblo de España
20. A la huelga
21. La cigarrera
22. En España las flores

Oscar Chávez  - Canciones de la Guerra Civil y Resistencia Española  - España 1936-1939-1975 (1975)
(128 kbps, small front cover included)

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