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Raimon - A Victor Jara (1974)

Born in Xátiva (Valencia) in 1940, his full name is Raimon Peleguero Sanchís. In 1959, he composed his emblematic song 'Al vent'. He came into contact with the 'nova cançó catalana' ('new Catalan songwriters'), a group also comprising Lluís Llach and Joan Manuel Serrat. Towards the end of 1979, his album 'Quan l'aigua es queixa' hit the market, the result of various years of labour. An anthology of his work 'La Integral Raimon' was presented in November 1993. In June 2006, he returned to the legendary Parisian venue Olympia where he had performed 40 years earlier, to offer a recital in which he revisited some of his old songs and unveiled new compositions.

In 1974 the album "A Victor Jara" was released, collaborating with a number of avant-garde French musicians like Michel Portal. It includes some settings of Ausias March (No em pren així, Lo jorn ha por), Joan Roís de Corella (Si en lo mal temps), Joan Timoneda (So qui so) and Pere Quart (Una vaca amb un vedellet en braços). Raimon's originals were T'he conegut sempre igual, a song about secrecy written as a result of his fortuitous encounter with the persecuted Gregori López i Raimundo; Molt lluny, a nostalgic revisitation of adolescence; Morir en aquesta vida, a rejection of suicide which contains a literal citation of Mayakovsky; Amb tots els petits vicis, about being in one's thirties; and the sober love song Com un puny. It was dedicated to Victor Jara, Chilean singer assassinated by the Pinochet government in September 1973.


T'he Conegut Sempre Igual 2:28
Molt Lluny 2:06
Só Qui Só 2:00
Una Vaca Amb Un Vedellet En Braços 1:51
No Em Pren Aixi 2:40
Lo Jorn Ha Por 3:29
Amanda 2:49
Morir En Aquesta Vida 1:43
Si En Lo Mal Temps 1:09
Amb Tots Els Petits Vicis 3:01
Com Un Puny 3:08

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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