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Doc Watson & Son - Same (1965)

Merle Watson's debut with father Doc Watson was recorded shortly after they performed their first concerts together in California, and it shows the duo's musical partnership already in full flower, an incredible fact considering that Merle had only been picking guitar for eight months!
The best songs here turned up on later Vanguard best-ofs, but there's a fair amount of greatness in the astonishing instrumental medley "Fiddler's Dram/Whistling Rufus/Ragtime Annie" and "Little Stream of Whiskey," an old Irish drinking song transformed into a hobo ballad with a bouncy fingerpicked melody.
Perhaps most astonishing is the solo harmonica workout "Mama Blues," in which the elder Watson imitates the sound of a child crying, showing off yet another facet of his incredible musical skill.                


A2Weary Blues2:10
A4Dream Of The Miner's Child2:45
A5Rising Sun Blues4:17
A6Mama Blues2:18
A7We Shall All Be Reunited2:10
B1Little Stream Of Whiskey2:25
B2Little Sadie2:57
B3Beaumont Rag1:37
B4Otto Wood The Bandit3:14
B5Faithful Soldier3:09
B6Memphis Blues1:32
B7Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar2:06

Doc Watson & Son – Doc Watson & Son (1965)      
(320 kbps, cover art included)                             

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