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This Heat - Same (1979)

Dean McFarlane of AllMusic wrote: "There are very few records that can be considered truly important, landmark works of art that produce blueprints for an entire genre. In the case of this album, it's clear that this seminal work was integral in shaping the genres of post-punk, avant rock and post-rock, and like all great influential albums, it seemed it had to wait two decades before its contents could truly be fathomed."

Peter Marsh of BBC Music called it "one of the strongest and strangest debut records of all time. Seemingly born out of the fervent experimentalism of the UK post-punk scene, This Heat's beautifully skewed mix of improvisation, lo-fi tapework and stretched, ghostly songform actually had more in common with maverick longhairs like Henry Cow and Faust. [...] The music here seethes with an economy, invention and power that still shocks a quarter of a century on."[

Steven Grant of Trouser Press wrote: "Though insolent and withdrawn, the music is adventurous and, in its own peculiar way, engrossing."

Pitchfork included the song "24 Track Loop" on their list of the "Greatest 500 Songs from Punk to the Present".


A1 Testcard
A2 Horizontal Hold
A3 Not Waving
A4 Water
A5 Twilight Furniture
B1 24 Track Loop
B2 Diet Of Worms
B3 Music Like Escaping Gas
B4 Rainforest
B5 The Fall Of Saigon
B6 Testcard II

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Many thanks for this one. I have the LP but no longer have a turntable so it will be great to hear it again.


rev.b hat gesagt…
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rev.b hat gesagt…

A cornerstone of its time. VERY much appreciated!

zero hat gesagt…

Glad you like it!

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