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Hanns Eisler - Klingende Dokumente III (1975)

The four "Klingende Dokumente" albums  were published in the GDR between 1973 and 1982. They take the form of musical utterances by Hanns Eisler as a "singer", "pianist" and conducter as well as interviews, talks and a lecture attesting to his views about the social function of music and the role of the musician in challenging social and musical conventions. Most of these recordings were not intended for release and, given their poor quality, are not entirely suitable for such a purpose. 

The "Bankenlied" ("Banking Song", 1932) is typical of Eislers militant style. The recording was mide in the 1950s.
The "Suite für Septett Nr. 1, Op 92 a" (Variatons on American Children´s Songs), written in the United States in 1946, was recorded in 1956, with Eisler wielding the baton.


A2Über Hölderlin16:15
A3Die Gesichte der Simone Machard (A) Der zweite Traum3:50
A4Die Gesichte der Simone Machard (B) Lied der Simone und Marsch1:55
A5Kantate auf den Tod eines Genossen Op. 644:05
A6Über Schoenberg4:30
B1Schwejk im Zweiten Weltkrieg8:50
B2Über Wissenschaft und Kunst9:40
B3Suite für Septett Nr. 1 Op. 92a4:15

Hanns Eisler - Klingende Dokumente III
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Wonderful - thank you, Lucky! Have the album on vinyl, but thanks to you now i have the opportunity to listen to it on a little more modern equipement.

Volume IV of the "Klingende Dokumente" will follow in the next days...

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Zero, is a update possible?

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