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Neil Young Meets Buffalo Springfield And The Squires (Unreleased Demos 1963 – 1966)

Back in 1989 when this  album came out this was a treasure trove of rare material.

Tracks 1-7 are Neil Young's 1965 Elektra Audition, Tracks 8-11 are needle drops of Buffalo Springfield rare acetates and tracks 12 & 13 are needle drops of The Squires 1963 single. Little if any noise reduction has been used so you hear every click and pop on the needle drops which is a good or bad thing depending on your perspective on noise reduction.

Post Buffalo Springfield box set and Archives Volume I this CD became slightly less essential however, the Neil Young obsessive will still need to pick this up. It appears to be the only silver pressed source of the Elektra audition that is complete. That means we get 'I Ain't Got The Blues' which was inexplicably left off the Archives and we get the complete 'The Ballad Of Peggy Grover' (titled 'Don't Pity Me Babe' on this release) which was edited quite dramatically on the Archives (this version is over 2 minutes longer in duration). This song was eventually re-written and became 'Don't Cry No Tears' on Zuma. 'Extra Extra' is also mistitled 'When It Falls, It Falls Over You'. The alternate mix of 'Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It' would also appear to be unique to this release.

Sound quality is very good throughout the only problems being the limitations of some of the source material used.           


01 Sugar Mountain* -
02 Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing* -
03 Run Around Babe*
04 Don't Pity Me*
05 I Ain't Got The Blues*
06 The Rent is Always Due*
07 When It Falls*
08 Down To The Wire#
09 Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It?#
10 There Goes My Babe@
11 One More Sign@
12 Sultan%
13 Aurora%

* Elektra Studios, New York 1965
# Buffalo Springfield: studio outtakes 1966-67
@ studio demos 1967
% The Squires: official 7" single 1963

Neil Young Meets Buffalo Springfield And The Squires (Unreleased Demos 1963 – 1966)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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