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Gary Clail On-U Sound System ‎– Human Nature (CD Single)

"Human Nature" is a 1991 song performed by English singer and record producer Gary Clail. It is produced by Adrian Sherwood and features Lana Pellay on backing vocals. The song is included on the album 'Emotional Hooligan'. The song received remixes by Oakenfold and Osborne.

It was originally intended to use a sample of a speech by Billy Graham on the track, however his representatives refused permission, so the song used portions of the speech re-recorded by Clail. However some promo 12" singles featuring the Billy Graham sample were pressed and distributed.

1. "Human Nature" (On The Mix Edit) 3:40
2. "Human Nature" (On The Mix) 6:18
3. "Rumours" 4:40

Gary Clail On-U Sound System ‎– Human Nature
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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