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VA - I´m So Proud - A Jamaican Tribute To Curtis Mayfield (Trojan)

No matter the official history, Jamaica's rocksteady movement of the late '60s wasn't just a response to the hectic rhythms of ska and a few summers of temperatures much sweatier than usual. No, the sweetly sung, down-tempo, rhythm lurch of rocksteady was greatly influenced by one of the biggest artists on Jamaican play lists between 1965 and 1969: Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions.

Most of the classic rocksteady artists -- the Heptones, the Jamaicans, the Uniques, the Gaylads -- recorded Impressions covers during the late '60s or early '70s, and though they rarely added much to the versions other than a distinct reggae tilt, most were up to the level of all the covers done by American groups.

The Trojan compilation "I'm So Proud: A Jamaican Tribute to Curtis Mayfield" assembles 20 of the best covers (or inspired originals), and would serve well any fan of Mayfield or the Impressions; after all, it's simply not very far from the Impressions' "It's All Right" to Alton Ellis' "Rocksteady."               


1 –Derrick Morgan - It's All Right
2 –Lloyd & Glen - Keep On Pushing
3 –The Techniques - Queen Majesty
4 –Dennis Alcapone - My Voice Is Insured For Half A Million Dollars (Queen Majesty Version)
5 –The Jamaicans - Dedicate My Song To You
6 –The Uniques - Gypsy Woman
7 –The Progressions - Rocksteady Time (The Monkey Time)
8 –Joe White  - I'm So Proud
9 –Pat Kelly  - Little Boy Blue
10 –Noel 'Bunny' Brown - Man's Temptation
11 –The Silvertones - He Will Break Your Heart
12 –The Uniques - My Woman's Love
13 –The Gaylads - That's What Love Will Do
14 –Bob Marley & The Wailers - Long Long Winter
15 –Pat Kelly - Soulful Love
16 –Slim Smith - Closer Together
17 –The Heptones - I've Been Trying
18 –Bob Marley & The Wailers - I Gotta Keep On Moving
19 –The Chosen Few - Queen Majesty
20 –Marcia Griffiths - Gypsy Man

VA - I´m So Proud - A Jamaican Tribute To Curtis Mayfield (Trojan)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Feilimid O'Broin hat gesagt…

Thanks for posting this; it kinks one of my favorite music genres with my favorite one of Curtis Mayfield and the Impression's song! It'll be great listening for me this weekend!

zero hat gesagt…

Wish you a nice weekend with some time for good music.

Gill hat gesagt…

Thanks... Looking forward to it!

zero hat gesagt…

You are welcome!

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