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Singers & Players - War Of Words (1981)

Singers and Players is a reggae collective formed by Adrian Sherwood and featuring various members of the New Age Steppers, Creation Rebel, the Roots Radics, and other musicians affiliated with the On-U Sound label. 

After a brief period of creativity in the early '80s, the collective was stagnant until 1998's "Revenge of the Underdog", which featured vocals from Bim Sherman and Prince Far I. "Staggering Heights" followed in the spring of 2000.

"War Of Words" is the classic debut album by Singers & Players, a loose collective featuring top Jamaican deejays Prince Far I and Jah Woosh, plus members of the Arabs and Roots Radics. The mic is dominated on this record by the sweet vocals of cover star Bim Sherman.

Whilst very much based on a dub reggae blueprint, the record also features Keith Levene from Public Image Limited on guitar and Ari Up from The Slits on backing vocals. Kingston sound system culture as viewed through the prism of the London post-punk squat scene, and championed by the quintessential downtown NYC no wave record label.


Devious Woman
Quanté Jubila
Sit & Wonder
Fit to Survive
Other Side -
Reaching the Bad Man
World of Dispensation
91 Vibration

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Rudy (The Netherlands) hat gesagt…

Excellent, was still missing this one from the Singers & Players-catalogue. Thanks, great choice!

Cri hat gesagt…

Thanks Zero. Maybe you find the time to look into some older requests. Just one example is Cochise - Wir werden leben.

zero hat gesagt…

Hi Cri,

which other request do you have. I will reup "Wir werden leben" this evening. Best wishes!

Thanks to you both for your feedback!

Anonym hat gesagt…

This album is not downloading

zero hat gesagt…


Tom hat gesagt…

A fantastic album--my favorite by Singers & Players. On-U Sound records opened up the soundscape of my brain in the late 80s!

zero hat gesagt…

Same to me back in the late 80s. Greetings!

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