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Víctor Jara - El Derecho De Vivir En Paz (1971)

Chileans are voting today in a referendum on whether to adopt a progressive new constitution that would enact broad institutional reforms, transforming a market-driven society into one that is more welfare-based.

"El derecho de vivir en paz" ("The right to live in peace") is an album by Víctor Jara released in 1971.

The title song from this album,"El derecho de vivir en paz" (The right to live in peace), was originally dedicated to the Vietnamese communist leader Ho Chi Minh, as the United States waged war in Vietnam. After the Pinochet regime took power in Chile, Victor Jara was subsequently tortured and murdered. 

In the wake of Jara’s death, “El Derecho de Vivir en Paz” has since served as a chilling memento for the Chilean people. 

The song was widely sung by protesters during the 2019 Chilean protests including by a people's ensemble of almost a thousand guitarists. Subsequently to lend their support to the protesters, Chilean musicians living around the world released their own version on Facebook. Another rendition of the song was released by a Chilean all-stars ensemble with artists including Francisca Valenzuela, Mon Laferte and Gepe to show their support for the Chilean resistance.

"El derecho de vivir en paz" [The right to live in peace] – 4:34
"Abre la ventana" [Open your window] – 3:55
"La partida" [The departure] – 3:26
"El niño yuntero" [Boy of the Yoke] (Miguel Hernández, Jara) – 3:44
"Vamos por ancho camino" [Making our way via broad avenues] (Jara, Celso Garrido Lecca) – 3:17
"A la molina no voy más" [I won't go back to the mill] (popular Peruvian song) – 3:13
"A Cuba" [To Cuba] – 3:59
"Las casitas del barrio alto" [lit. Uptown neighbourhood, adap. of Little Boxes] (Malvina Reynolds, Jara) – 2:30
"Con el alma llena de banderas" [Our hearts are full of banners] – 4:00
"Ni chicha ni limoná" [Nor fish nor fowl] – 3:23
"Plegaria a un labrador" [Prayer to a laborer] – 3:16
"B.R.P." [Brigada Ramona Parra] (Jara, Víctor Rojas, Lecca) – 3:14

(256 kbps, cover art included)

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ibertrola hat gesagt…
The musicians present in this collaboration, as well as an important number of colleagues throughout Chile, joined this initiative to make an (authorized) version of "El Derecho de Vivir en Paz" to portray the current struggle for the dignity of the country.

In Victor's words,"...The new Chilean song was a song that emerged from the total need of the social movement in Chile, Violeta marked the path for us and that's where we continue...".

We as artists repudiate the actions of the government in militarizing the streets, murdering and torturing our people, we raise this song as a genuine attempt to generate deep and structural changes in our society.

For a just and dignified country.

ibertrola hat gesagt…

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot. For a just and dignified country!

ibertrola hat gesagt…

and this song!!??? wowwww!!!
what is Brecht's original?

ibertrola hat gesagt…

I live in a time of war,
I live in a time without sunshine.
Only he who does not know things is a man capable of laughing.
Alas, sad present time
in which to speak of love and flower
is to forget so many people who are suffering pain.

Everyone tells me that I must eat and drink,
but how am I to eat, how am I to drink,
if I know that what I eat and what I drink
I am taking from a brother who is hungry,
from a brother who is thirsty, from a brother?

But still I eat and drink, still, that is the truth.
Ancient beliefs say that to live is not to fight,
That he is wise who gets evil with good to pay.
He who forgets his own will,
he who accepts not to achieve his desires,
that one is considered by all a wise man.
That is what I always see
and to that I say no!

I know that it is necessary to win,
I know that it is necessary to fight,
I know that it is necessary to die,
I know that it is necessary to kill.

It is a time of war,
it is a time without sun.

I lived in the city in a time of disorder,
I lived among my people in times of rebellion.
That is how I spent the years I had to live.

Those who follow my path
and shall see the earth happy
do not forget this time,
our time, which is a time of war.

While we are preparing
the way to friendship
we cannot be friends of evil,
to evil we must give evil.

If you were to live
that time of equality
where man helps man
you will feel freedom.

It is a time of war,
it is a time without sunshine.

ibertrola hat gesagt…

zero hat gesagt…

Thank you!

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