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Klaus Lenz - Für Fenz (Amiga, 1970)

Klaus Lenz (born March 22, 1940 in Berlin ) is a German jazz musician , band leader and composer, mainly in the modern jazz style . He lived in the GDR until 1977 and is considered the nestor of the GDR jazz scene. 

Many well-known performers such as Manfred Krug, Günther Fischer, Reinhard Lakomy, Henning Protzmann ( Karat ), Günter "Baby" Sommer and Ulrich Gumpert learned the musical craft from him and recorded successful albums with him. Klaus Lenz played with constantly changing line-ups, a testament to his constant search for new musical forms of expression. With every formation he achieved a high standard. In addition to his engagement as a jazz musician, he composed in the pop area, he arranged for well-known orchestras and wrote film and theater music, including for the DEFA films Wedding Night in the Rain (1967), Käuzchenkuhle (1968), Not with me, Madam! (1969), Sleeping Beauty (1970), Hey, You! (1970) and Stülpner legend (1972/1973).

Due to problems with the authority he left East Germany in 1977 and settled down in the western part of Germany where he would record only two more albums (both with another giant, Zbigniew Namyslowski). 


01. Glückliches Mädchen (2:55)
02. Weselmy sie (3:33)
03. Warum willst du denn anders sein? (2:38)
04. Tornado (2:24)
05. Es steht ein Haus in New Orleans (4:37)
06. Zottos (3:20)
07. Sei so, daß ich dich lieben kann (3:17)
08. Grashalme (3:20)
09. Goldocker (2:27)
10. Lachen oder weinen (3:05)
11. Nanette (3:22)
12. Pimo (2:34)

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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