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The Blues Project - The Blues Project Live At Town Hall (1967)

One of the first album-oriented, "underground" groups in the United States, the Blues Project offered an electric brew of rock, blues, folk, pop, and even some jazz, classical, and psychedelia during their brief heyday in the mid-'60s. It's not quite accurate to categorize them as a blues-rock group, although they did plenty of that kind of material; they were more like a Jewish-American equivalent to British bands like the Yardbirds, who used a blues and R&B base to explore any music that interested them. Erratic songwriting talent and a lack of a truly outstanding vocalist prevented them from rising to the front line of '60s bands, but they recorded plenty of interesting material over the course of their first three albums, before the departure of their most creative members took its toll.

Released just after Al Kooper left the band, one imagines that neither he nor the other members of the group were pleased with this LP. According to Kooper, it was a pastiche of studio outtakes and a few live performances, and only one of the songs was actually recorded at New York City's Town Hall. Anyway, this has a meandering, ten-minute "Flute Thing" and decent live versions of "Wake Me, Shake Me" and "I Can't Keep from Crying" which, despite a somewhat rawer feel, are not necessary supplements to the fine studio takes. "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire" and the great "No Time Like the Right Time" had already been released as singles; to hear them without canned applause, you only need to turn to Rhino's first-rate Best of the Blues Project instead. That compilation also contains the other cut of note on this album, an outtake-sounding cover of Patrick Sky's "Love Will Endure."


A1 Introduction / (Electric) Flute Thing 10:25
A2 I Can't Keep From Crying 5:33
A3 Mean Old Southern 2:36
B1 No Time Like The Right Time 2:48
B2 Love Will Endure 2:22
B3 Where There's Smoke, There's Fire 2:27
B4 Wake Me, Shake Me 9:21

(256 kbps, cover art included)

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Il Commendatore hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for another great live album!

24hrdejavu hat gesagt…

Thank You for bringing this one up I was a mere 16 years old when I first heard these guys and appreciate their music even today

Bill @24hrdejavu

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks for your feedback, i appreciate theri music, too!

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