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Sun Ra - Sound Mirror (1978)

Side one ("The Sound Mirror") is a fairly typical full-ensemble space chant from a live show in Philadelphia, 1978: lots of percussion and Ra's vocals over a simple bass/horn ostinato. 

Side two contains more of the Italian Sun Ra Quartet sessions from January of 1978. These tunes sound more improvised than others from the same sessions, with each player basically soloing over Luqman Ali's drumming on "Jazzistocology." "Of Other Tomorrows Never Known" is mostly a fairly tuneful synthesizer solo until John Gilmore joins him for the last part of the song (Michael Ray and Luqman Ali sit out on this one), which has a surprisingly quick fadeout. 

This is a pretty short and generally unremarkable Saturn release, probably best left for serious Sun Ra collectors. -

A The Sound Mirror
B1 Jazzisticology
B2 Of Other Tomorrows Never Known

Sun Ra - Sound Mirror (1978)

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Bob Mac hat gesagt…

Thanks for another Sun Ra.

zero hat gesagt…

You are always welcome!

SantosCurser hat gesagt…

Mas SunRa ... siempre mas!
Gracias por este.

zero hat gesagt…

You are very welcome!

roberth hat gesagt…

thank u for sun ra

zero hat gesagt…

All the best to you!

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