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Teller Bunte Knete - ...macht Musik! (1980, vinyl rip)

"Teller Bunte Knete" was a political inspired folk rock band found in West-Berlin, Germany, in 1975.

Members were Werner "Wölli" Rohde (guitar, violin, vocals, percussion), Hannjörg Merklin (mandolin, vocals, percussion, guitar, harmonica), Hurnush Kubica (guitar, mandolin, vocals, percussion), Schnerdi Gminski [aka Minski] (vocals, bells, percussion) and Paul Esslinger (bass, vocals, percussion).

"Teller Bunte Knete" disbanded in 1984.

The band was part of the alternative and subculture scene developing at the end of the 70s and in the first half of the 80s in Germany.
"...macht Musik!" was recorded April 1980 at the "Toncooperative" in Hannover.

The last track on this album, "Meine kleine Welt", impressed me very much as i heard it the first time back in the 80s. This wonderful song is a long time companion on my record player.


A1 Morgenkühle 5:07
A2 Schlachtfeld der Narren 5:14
A3 Brücke 4:30
A4 Träumer 3:52
A5 Hektik in der Stadt 3:07
B1 Komm 'raus 3:38
B2 Mittendrin 3:56
B3 Hier ist 'was los 3:29
B4 23.12. 2:45
B5 Sonnenmaxe 5:02
B6 Meine kleine Welt 3:21

Teller Bunte Knete - ...macht Musik!
(192 kbps, cover art included, vinyl rip)

Teller Bunte Knete is still rousing a lot of thoughts and emotions. If you can read german language, maybe you like to check this site!

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