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VA - American Folk Blues Festival ´64

Originally recorded 56 years ago and later released on L+R Records, it's hard to believe the age of these recordings as they sound as fresh, new and exciting as they did all those years ago.

Recorded on 9th October 1964 at the Musikhalle in Hamburg, this shows, along with the Beatles playing just down the road at the Star Club a couple of years previously and the huge number of top Blues and Rock and Roll musicians who played there, just what a musical dynamo Hamburg was in the early 60s.

On this album, a house band, which consists of a collection of musical luminaries in their own right, back some of the most amazing singers in the history of the Blues.

The band which consists of Hubert Sumlin (guitar), Willie Dixon (bass), Clifton James (drums) and Sunnyland Slim (piano) ably support Sonny Boy Williamson, Lightnin' Hopkins, Sleepy John Estes, John Henry Barbee, Sugar Pie De Santo and Howlin' Wolf with Sunnyland Slim taking vocal duties on "Every Time I Get Drinkin'" as well. Side 2 opens with Sleepy John Estes "I'm A Tearing Little Daddy" where he is accompanied by Hammie Nixon on blues harp and jug, harking right back to the days when a jug or large whiskey flagon was blown for the bass.

John Henry Barbee is self accompanied on guitar without the band, in a rendition of "Cotton Picking Blues" which is a stand out track on the album. Another stand out is the band playing Sumlin's "No Title Boogie" in an instrumental. Lighnin' Hopkins is at his best on this album with his rendition of "Baby Please Don't Go" being one of the finest I have heard.

A fantastic album and one which I feel every Blues collection should have, as it so epitomises Folk Blues.


1 Sonny Boy Williamson : I'm Trying To Make London My Home
2 Sonny Boy Williamson : Dissatisfied
3 Sunnyland Slim : Everytime I Get To Drinkin'
4 Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins : Ain't It A Pity
5 Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins : Baby Please Don't Go
6 Sleepy John Estes / Hammie Nixon : I'm A Tearing Little Daddy
7 John Henry Barbee : Cotton Pickin' Blues
8 Hubert Sumlin : No Title Boogie
9 Sugar Pie Desanto: Slip In Mules
10 Howlin' Wolf : Dust My Broom

VA - American Folk Blues Festival ´64
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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