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Michael Bloomfield - Analine (1977)

On this album, Michael Bloomfield continued the country blues and folk explorations of his Grammy-nominated instructional outing, "If You Love These Blues Play 'Em As You Please" (1976). For "Analine", he worked in an acoustic, often single-handed mode, being the only musician on seven of its nine tracks (and writing just over half the material, too). Such one-man efforts often carry an air of sterility about them, but not here; 

Bloomfield's version of Duke Ellington's "Mood Indigo" retains the jaunty swing feel associated with its composer. The solo guitar pieces are equally well executed, particularly "Effinonna Rag" and the tribute to "Mr. Johnson and Mr. Dunn," where Bloomfield plays dueling guitar parts in the blues pioneers' style. Along the way, Bloomfield taps into folk ("Frankie and Johnny"), gospel ("At the Cross"), and even Hawaiian idioms ("Hilo Waltz"). He also sings two stirring originals about cancer ("Big 'C' Blues") and a hapless voyeur (the hilarious "Peepin' an' a Moanin' Blues"). 

Former Electric Flag singer and cohort Nick Gravenites contributes and sings the title track, whose mandolin and accordion runs close the album on an epic note. This is a well-executed labor of love that shows Bloomfield in a different context than many listeners will associate with him.


A1 Peepin' An A Moanin Blues 2:38
A2 Mr. Johnson And Mr. Dunn 2:52
A3 Frankie And Johnny 4:06
A4 At The Cross 4:34
A5 Big "C" Blues 3:52
B1 Hilo Waltz 4:05
B2 Effinonna Rag 4:29
B3 Mood Indigo 5:18
B4 Analine 5:34

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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