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VA - Festival des politischen Liedes - Die Achtziger

Originally posted in February, 2017:

Tomorrow will be the first day of this years "Festival Musik und Politik".

This compilations features 19 songs from the 1980s, most of them recorded live at the "Festival des politischen Liedes" in East Berlin.

The album has a lot of internationally known stars with a stronger focus on Anglo-American and Celtic acts with two unusual collaborations: The Sands Family, Dick Gaughan and Eastern German band Wacholder sing together "Es ist an der Zeit/Green Fields of France"; and Dick Gaughan joining forces with Eric Bogle to sing "Which side are you on". And on this album there are also Pete Seeger's "Turn! Turn! Turn" and Billy Bragg's "Between the Wars". Then there are Western Germany´s Hannes Wader and Zupfgeigenhansl, Eastern Germany´s Gerhard Gundermann and Hans-Eckart Wenzel, Mercedes Sosa with Léon Gieco from Argentinia, Carlos Mejía Godoy from Nicaragua etc.
The recording quality is always reasonably good, catching the live atmosphere and the audience joining in the choruses without disturbing the music. An important document not only of an important festival and of political songwriting, but also of an era of German history that left not only a political but also a musical legacy.


01. MARIA FARANTOURI - Vegetaciones (5.18)
02. HANNES WADER - Leben einzeln und frei (4:08)
03. SHANNA BITSCHEWSKAJA - Die Erde ist unser Haus (2:28)
04. PERRY FRIEDMAN - O Freedom (5:41)
05. SANDS FAMILY, DICK GAUGHAN, WACHOLDER - Es ist an der Zeit (6:19)
06. ZUPFGEIGENHANSEL - Andre, die das Land so sehr nicht liebten (3:14)
07. HANS ECKHARDT WENZEL - Liebste lass die Lampe an (2:22)
08. CARLOS MEJIA GODOY - Nicaragua, Nicaragüita (3:42)
09. SILVIO RODRIGUEZ - Pequena serenata diurna (2:47)
10. ATAHUALPA YUPANQUI - jBasta ya! (5:37)
11. BRUCE COCKBURN - Nicaragua (5:01)
12. DICK GAUGHAN, ERIC BOGLE - Which side Are You On (2:50)
13. BILLY BRAGG - Between the Wars (2:29)
14. PETE SEEGER - Turn! Turn! Turn! (3:39)
15. ABDULLAH IBRAHIM - Tula Dubula (6:46)
16. GERHARD SCHÖNE - Mit dem Gesicht zum Volke (3.30)
17. MERCEDS SOSA, LEON GIECO - Solo le pido a Dios (4:04)
18. SWEET HONEY TN THE ROCK - Through Soweto (2:33)
19. GERHARD GUNDERMANN - Old Dixie Down (4:12)

VA - Festival des politischen Liedes - Die Achtziger
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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