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The Solsonics - Jazz In The Present Tense (1993)

In 1991, bassist Jez Colin and percussionist Willie McNeil formed the Solsonics from Los Angeles's underground club scene. Although the band plays soul-jazz with updated hip-hop rhythms, elements of Afro-Cuban and reggae music also appear. The Solsonics first gained a national release when Chrysalis released "Jazz in the Present Tense" in 1993.

The jazz/hip-hop and acid-jazz schools continue to generate interesting, if erratic projects. The Solsonics' instrumentals and reworkings and incorporation of such jazz classics as Freddie Hubbard's "Red Clay" and Ahmad Jamal's "Superstition" are intriguing, featuring fine solos from saxophonist Jim Akimoto, trumpeter Elliot Caine, keyboardist Mike Boito and special guests like guitarist Norman Brown. When lyrics and vocalists are included, the quality dips, mainly because they didn't find a lyricist whose contributions matched their playing skills. But their spirit, intensity and interaction are so good that it's easy to overlook the trite lines and lightweight vocals.

I still love this wonderful cool lazy summers day jazz all the way back to 1993


1 Jazz In The Present Tense 4:16
2 Keep The Rhythm Strong 4:23
3 Montuno Funk 4:07
4 Blood Brother 4:05
5 Daddy Love 3:55
6 Ascension 5:40
7 Red Clay 4:35
8 So Much More Together 4:01
9 Now This Is How We Do It 2:48
10 Inside Is A Stride 4:03
11 Morning After Paradise 3:59
12 Mountain Man 5:08

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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