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Rita Lee - Fruto Proibido (1975)

Rita Lee, a former member of the seminal rock band Os Mutantes, always had lots to say about Brazilian rock, but she spent most of her post-Mutantes career on innocuous dance grooves. 

On this album recorded in 1975, she is a truthful rock artist. Backed by the strong grip of her rock band Tutti Frutti, she delivers some of her biggest hits here: "Agora Só Falta Você," "Esse Tal de Roque Enrow" (composed with mega-selling esoteric writer Paulo Coelho, when he was an alternative rock composer [he was the main partner of the late rocker Raul Seixas]), and the eternal "Ovelha Negra," the anthem of the rebellious youngsters in Brazil. 

Lee can be a singer as competent in wild rock as in softer ballads when she acquires a girlish, tender quality. The album is a document of a time when she could be truthful about her ideals.


A1 Dançar Prá Não Dançar 2:47
A2 Agora Só Falta Você 2:46
A3 Cartão Postal 2:46
A4 Fruto Proibido 2:47
A5 Esse Tal De Roque Enrow 2:47
B1 O Toque 2:47
B2 Pirataria 2:48
B3 Luz Del Fuego 2:47
B4 Ovelha Negra 2:47

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Carlos Henrique Xavier Endo hat gesagt…

The greatest rock record in the history of Brazilian rock. Although naive and not challenging the Brazilian military dictatorship at the time, it is a great work of art.

Die größte Rockplatte in der brasilianischen Rockgeschichte. Obwohl naiv und anspruchslos gegenüber der damaligen brasilianischen Militärdiktatur, ist es ein großartiges Kunstwerk.

zero hat gesagt…

Well said! Best wishes!

Chris R hat gesagt…

The forbidden fruit's link has been removed! Any chance of a re-up? Thanks!

zero hat gesagt…

Hope this link will stay a little bit longer:

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