Freitag, 19. Mai 2017

Ijahman Levi‎ – Are We A Warrior (1979)

The title track and "Moulding" are two of reggae's most haunting meditations ever.


A1Are We A Warrior
A3The Church
B1Miss Beverly
B2Two Sides Of Love

Ijahman Levi‎ – Are We A Warrior (1979)
(192 kbps, cover art included)        

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vuoksenniska hat gesagt…

Thank you for this great reggae album!
Songs are perfect example of good reggae. "Moulding" is my favorite song in this album.

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for your feedback, glad you enjoy the music!

Routes D'afrique- ktru-fm hat gesagt…

loved this album since the early 80s-- never understood why no one knew it or loved it. thanks for all your work.

milan nikolic hat gesagt…


zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot, you are welcome!

bventure hat gesagt…

One of my all time favourites, I've played the vinyl to death! Any chance you could post things at a higher bit rate, or even better in FLAC?

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