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Nanni Svampa – Nanni Svampa Canta Brassens - Volume Primo (1971)

Nanni Svampa (Milano, February 28, 1938 - Varese, august 26, 2017) was an Italian singer, writer and actor, founder of the musical group I Gufi

I Gufi were a Italian band, singing in Milanese dialect, and cabaret, formed in 1964 and dissolved in 1969, except for a brief reunion in 1981.

This is the firs of three Nanni Svampa albums featuring interpretations of songs by Georges Brassens.

One of French pop's most poetic songwriters, Georges Brassens was also a highly acclaimed and much-beloved performer in his own right. Not only a brilliant manipulator of language and a feted poet in his own right, Brassens was also renowned for his subversive streak, satirizing religion, class, social conformity, and moral hypocrisy with a wicked glee. Yet beneath that surface was a compassionate concern for his fellow man, particularly the disadvantaged and desperate. His personal politics were forged during the Nazi occupation, and while his views on freedom bordered on anarchism, his songs expressed those convictions more subtly than those of his contemporary, Léo Ferré.


A1 I Assassit
A2 Canzon Per El Rotamatt
A3 Poer Martin
A4 L'Erba Matta
A5 Doman Te Porti A Ballà
A6 El Testament
B1 El Bamborin De La Mièe D'On Ghisa
B2 Pelanda Ti
B3 El Gorilla
B4 La Ginetta
B5 La Prima Tosa
B6 Mi Sont On Malnatt

(128 kbps, cover art included)

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