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Tuli Kupferberg - No Deposit No Return (An Evening of Pop Poetry with Tuli Kupferberg) (1966, vinyl rip)

Prior to his notable presence as the spiritual figurehead and founding member of the funky, folky Fugs, Tuli Kupferberg gained indirect notoriety as the real life "guy who jumped off of the Brooklyn Bridge and lived," immortalized in Allen Ginsberg's epic "Howl".

"No Deposit, No Return" is Kupferberg's out-of-print 1966 spoken-word solo debut.

"...'is america insane' asks the insert that came with this disk, released on the ESP-Disk label back in 1966, an LP of tuli kupferberg reading adverts from various newspapers/comics/magazines...its pop art, taking the everyday normal object and showing it in unfamiliar circumstances so it takes on different meanings...these ads when glanced at in their ordinary setting may not attract too much attention but when pulled out and presented here they show another side, they open new vistas showing the strangeness that surrounds everywhere...emminently playable when an evening of fugnacious madness is called for..." (


01 - Pubol
02 - Social Studies
03 - The Hidden Dissuaders
04 - Lifetime Guarentee
05 - The Art Scene
06 - Want Ads 1
07 - Purina
08 - Lanoflo
09 - The Hyperemiator
10 - The Sap Glove
11 - The Bunny Mother
12 - Auto-De-Fe
13 - Fields Matrimonial Service
14 - Want Ads 2
15 - Howard Johnson's Army
16 - No Deposit, No Return

Tuli Kupferberg - No Deposit, No Return (1966, vinyl rip)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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