Samstag, 12. Mai 2018

Jacob Miller - Tenement Yard

Jacob Miller's debut solo album gives one a vivid idea of Miller's standing back in 1978.
The album features classics like "Tenement Yard", "Tired fe Lick Weed in a Bush," and the seminal "Forward Jah Jah Children."

"Roman Soldiers of Babylon" is on a par with these classics, while "Dread, Dread" is nearly of the same caliber.

Yet this is Jacob Miller we're talking about, so there's also lighter material, including the singer's fabulous 1976 Song Festival entry "All Night Til Daylight," the sparkling "Suzie Wong," a chirpy cover of War's smash "Why Can't We Be Friends," and a phenomenal cultural take on Otis Redding's masterpiece "(Sittin' on The) Dock of the Bay."

This album still remains a fabulous introduction to Miller's oeuvre that beautifully showcases Miller's heavier and lighter sides, and for its time it was a revelation.
Dreada Dread2:55
Tenament Yard2:35
Suzie Wong2:31
Every Day With You Girl2:15
Dock Of The Bay3:05
Tired Fe Lick Weed In A Bush2:59
Truth Has Come Again2:50
All Night Till Daylight3:15
Forward Jah Jah Children3:13
Why Can't We Be Friends3:30
Roman Soldiers Of Babylon

(192 kbps)

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