Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2018

King Tubby´s Studio vs Channel One Studio In Dub

This 70s Aggrovators dub album was produced by Bunny Lee and mixed by King Tubby, Scientist and Crucial Bunny.

1Channel One Feel This One
2Scientist Mash Up The Boy Crucial Bunny
3Another Extra From The King
4Knock Them Out King Tubby And Scientist
5King Tubby The Dub Ruler
6Introducing Crucial Bunny From Channel One
7Be Channel One Guest
8Straight To King Tubby And Scientist Head
9Strictly Rockers From Channel One
10Special Request More Of King Tubby & Scientist Sound Call Earthquake

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Thank you. I've heard that these are the masters!

zero hat gesagt…

Dub it!

apf hat gesagt…

Thank you!

zero hat gesagt…

Now there´s a working link...

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