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Umsonst & Draußen - Vlotho 1975 (Maulschnauz MOL 0001, vinyl rip)

"Umsonst und Draussen" can be literally translated to "for free and outdoor". It was the starting point for uncounted festivals taking place in Germany furthermore provided with a self-organized, non-commercial and open-minded approach. Stylistically the 1970s were dominated by prog and prog-related bands, mainly offering a blend of jazz, psych and folk, which had a special experimental attitude. They questioned all conventions - today often categorized as krautrock. This represented those restless and rebellious times drawing from the former student uprisings and protests against the Vietnam War.

Surely inspired by the famous Woodstock festival the first ideas to offer music self-determined and free from any commercial goals came up around 1972 in the Herford/East Westphalia region and manifested in a one day event at Bünde. It is said that Norbert Hähnel (Der Wahre Heino) is responsible for the original label which is quite prominent nowadays.

Three years later (1975. 25th June) the first official "Umsonst und Draussen" festival took place at a stone quarry in Vlotho-Winterberg and developed to a German wide trademark during the following years. Up to now lots of festivals have been organized all over in Germany under this moniker trying to hold up the spirit of the past - based on donations and sponsoring.

It all began when HAMMERFEST, a young local blues rock band, searched for an easy way to offer their music to a wider audience. The idea to organize a (little) festival came up and they invited MISSUS BEASTLY and EMBRYO who already beared a quite famous name in the german alternative music scene.

A truck trailer was turned into a stage and surprisingly nearly 2.000 spectators came to this one day event. Other local matadors like JACK BONE GROUP (with Marlon Klein on drums) and JOHANNISLUST ORCHESTER contributed as well as ATZEN WEHMEYER, known as a former member of Missus Beastly.

In order to meet some costs a vinyl sampler was self-released (as for all following events until 1978 in the same way - today much sought-after items).

01. HAMMERFEST - Lokomotive
02. MISSUS BEASTLY - Vloflutho
03. JACK BONE GROUP - Himalaya Erdbeernuss
04. EMBRYO - Sidetrack
05. ATZEN WEHMEYER - Arbeiterjugendblues
06. HAMMERFEST - That’s What I Say

Umsonst & Draußen - Vlotho 1975
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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