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Hazel O´Conner - Cover Plus (1981)

Hazel O'Connor (born 16 May 1955, Coventry, England) is an English singer-songwriter and actress. She is the daughter of a soldier from Galway who settled in England after World War II to work in a car plant. She became famous in the early 1980s with hit singles "Eighth Day", "D-Days" and "Will You", as well as starring in the film "Breaking Glass".

"Cover Plus" is O'Connor's third studio album, released in 1981. Yes, the woman is very very creative, I know. She never runs out of it. For many O'Connor fans this is her best album of all, although successfully doesn't surpass "Breaking Glass".

This album charted to #32 in the U.K. "Cover Plus" musically speaking follows the line of her previous two albums but at the same time sounds different to these other albums.

A1 (Cover Plus) We're All Grown Up
A2 Hanging Around
A3 Ee-i-addio
A4 Not For You
A5 Hold On
A6 So You're Born
B1 Dawn Chorus
B2 Animal Farm (We Will Be Happy?)
B3 Runaway
B4 Do What You Gotta Do
B5 Men Of Good Fortune
B6 That's Life

Hazel O´Connor - Cover Plus (1981)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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