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Jackie Mittoo - Macka Fat (1972)

Keyboard virtuoso Jackie Mittoo was among the true legends of reggae -- a founding member of the Skatalites and an extraordinarily prolific songwriter, he was perhaps most influential as a mentor to countless younger performers, primarily through his work as the musical director at the famed Studio One.

There are a dozen nice sultry instrumentals on this LP, released in the early '70s, though as always with vintage reggae albums, that doesn't necessarily indicate that all of the material was recorded then. Certainly it has the sound of the best rocksteady music, some of its trancier grooves hinting at the dub era. Bubbly organ riffs are heard throughout, of the sort that, with some tweaks, would be popularized in the U.S. by Timmy Thomas´ 1973 hit "Why Can't We Live Together."


Henry The Great
Good Feeling
Macka Fat
Lazy Bones
Fancy Pants
Something Else
Happy People
Purple Heart
Whoa Whoa
Division One
Ghetto Organ
Dad Is Home

Produced by C.S. Dodd at Studio 1 (Kingston, JA)

Jackie Mittoo - Macka Fat (1972)
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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Slidewell hat gesagt…

My favorite Jackie Mittoo! Great tunes for chilling with a cocktail on hot and sticky summer evenings.

zero hat gesagt…

Sounds great! Wish you a lot of hot summer evenings!

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