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Sun Ra - Outer Spaceways Incorporated (1968)

This album adds a previously unreleased "Intergalactic Motion" to the original five-piece program. Sun Ra's orchestra was at its most radical during this period, alternating simple chants with very outside playing and dense ensembles.

While the sidemen include such notables as Marshall Allen and Danny Davis on altos, baritonist Pat Patrick, John Gilmore on tenor, bassist Ronnie Boykins and percussionist Clifford Jarvis, most of the other players in the 15-piece band (such as trumpeters Ahk Tal Ebah and Kwame Hadi) have slipped back into obscurity. This music is quite intriguing, although it requires an open mind and a sense of humor to fully appreciate.   


1 Somewhere There 15:10
2 Outer Spaceways Incorporated 7:02
3 Intergalactic Motion 8:07
4 Saturn 6:08
5 Song Of The Sparer 4:22
6 Spontaneous Simplicity 7:56

Track 3 was previously unreleased, recorded in New York City 1968.

Sun Ra - Outer Spaceways Incorporated (1968)
(256 kbps, cover art included)          

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