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Los Anarquistas - Marchas Y Canciónes De Lucha De Los Obreros Anarquistas Argentinos (1904 - 1936)

"Los Anarquistas 1904 - 1936" is an album with marches and songs of the struggles of the anarchist workers in Argentinia (1904-1936). It was ripped from an LP, so the file has only two tracks, side A and B.

1-Hijo Del Pueblo (anarchist anthem)
2-Recitado (letter to the anarchists when starting their actions in the early twentieth century)
3-Milonga Social Del Payador Libertario (anonymous1902)
4-Milonga Anarquista (anonymous 1906)
5-La Verbena Anarquista (anonymous 1905)
6-Este Y Aquel. (lyrics by F. Gualtieri 1923)
7-Guajiras Rojas (anonymous 1918)
8-Marsellesa (anonymous 1907)
9-Semana Trágica (lyrics by F.Gualtieri 1919)
10-Maldita Burguesía (Habanera) (anonymous 1907)
11-Maldición De Un Maldito  (F. Gualtieri 1926)
12-Guitarra Roja (Martín Castro 1928)
13-Guerra A La Burguesía (Tango, anonymous 1901)
14-El Deportado (anonymous 1920)
15-El Héroe
16-Sacco Y Venzetti (Martín Castro 1928)
17-A Las Barricadas (Hymn of the anarchists in the spanish civil war)

Los Anarquistas - 1004 - 1936
(192 kbps, cover art included)

You will find the lyrics on this website:

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