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The Brothers Four - Same (1960)

As folk revival albums go, this one is tame but very upbeat and well sung, treading a fine line midway between the Kingston Trio and Mitch Miller & the Gang.

Side one shows a strong calypso and Carribean influence, and also offers a pair of novelty-style tunes, while side two is weighted more toward traditional American folk material. That material is more beguiling and playful, and serves as a beautiful showcase for the quartet's harmony singing - rousing, straightforward vocalizing on "Hard Travelin'" (which seems like the template for the New Christy Minstrels' sound) and the melodic sea shanty "Eddystone Light," the gorgeous multi-layered arrangement of "Darlin', Won't You Wait," and the moody chart hit "Greenfields."

It's all nicely sung and produced in a restrained style that makes inventive but unobtrusive use of stereo separation. The album seems tame and predictable today but, in 1960, this was what folk music was in the minds of most listeners, and this isn't a bad example of the form.                


A1 The Zulu Warrior
A2 Sama Kama Wacky Brown
A3 The Damsel's Lament (I Never Will Marry)
A4 Yellow Bird
A5 Angelique-O
A6 Superman

B1 East Virginia
B2 Greenfields
B3 Darlin' Won't You Wait
B4 Eddystone Light
B5 Banua
B6 Hard Travelin'

The Brothers Four - Same (1960)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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