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Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Swings Lightly (1958)

Ella Swings Lightly is a 1958 studio album by the American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, recorded with the Marty Paich Dek-tette. Ella also worked with Marty Paich on her 1967 album Whisper Not. The album features a typical selection of jazz standards from this era, songs from recent musicals like Frank Loesser's If I Were a Bell, and a famous jazz instrumental vocalised by Ella, Roy Eldridge's Little Jazz.
This album won Ella the 1960 Grammy award for the Best Improvised Jazz Solo.

This was among several hit albums that Fitzgerald enjoyed in the '50s, when she was reaching the mass audience cutting pre-rock standards. The album features Ella Fitzgerald's flowing vocals and Marty Paich's Dek-tette band backing her.  

Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Swings Lightly (1958)
(256 kbps, cover art included)       

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