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Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Porgy And Bess (1957)

"Porgy and Bess" is a 1957 studio album by jazz vocalist and trumpeter Louis Armstrong, and singer Ella Fitzgerald collaborating on this recording of selections from George and Ira Gershwin's Porgy and Bess. In 2001, it was awarded with a Grammy Hall of Fame Award, a special achievement prize established in 1973 to honor recordings that are at least twenty-five years old, and that have "qualitative or historical significance." The album was originally issued on the Verve label in 1957.

There have been many recordings of the music from the Gershwin opera Porgy and Bess, but this is one of the more rewarding ones. Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald sing all of the parts, performing some of the play's best melodies. Unfortunately, there is not much Armstrong trumpet to be heard, but the vocals are excellent and occasionally wonderful, making up for the unimaginative Russ Garcia arrangements assigned to the backup orchestra.               


A1 Summertime 4:58
A2 I Wants To Stay Here 4:38
A3 My Man's Gone Now 4:02
A4 I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' 3:52
A5 Buzzard Song 2:58
A6 Bess, You Is My Woman Now 5:28
B1 It Ain't Necessarily So 6:34
B2 What You Want Wid Bess 1:59
B3 A Woman Is A Somtime Thing 4:47
B4 Oh, Doctor Jesus 2:00
B5 Medley: Here Come De Honey Man - Crab Man - Oh, Dey's So Fresh & Fine 3:29
B6 There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York 4:51
B7 Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess? 2:36
B8 Oh, Lawd, I'm On My Way! 2:57

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Porgy And Bess (1957)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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